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MdCLIVE 2024

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The Band


Magasin du Café are the essence of World Music in a modern key.

The roots of the band go back to Sardinia, where the "Shardana" Sea Peoples lived thousands of years ago and sailed from the Baltic to Egypt and Zimbabwe; peoples who did not belong to any kingdom or dynasty, but simply belonged to the sea.

The show is an experience to be lived by letting oneself go to what they call "flow”. 

A tribute to nature, life, freedom, capable of bringing the audience into an almost hypnotic state, often driving it to dance free. 


Music that speaks to us of distant traditions, in which the great North mixes with the East, the shamanic songs of America and Africa become modern.

In one word: universal music, exotic sounds without clear geographical connotations; they mix Rock, Folk, Prog in a constant and flowing dialogue between the five musicians.

They also love to play in uncontaminated places deeply absorbed into the Nature (mountain lakes, rivers, woods, beaches, forests). 

Following their philosophy where Mother Nature gives us all what we need, they also deliver a green / zero impact show, where PA / lights are fully powered by a bicycle.




Mattia Floris: Voice, Acoustic Guitar

Giulia Subba: Violin

Alberto Santoru: Double Bass, Percussions, Effects

Denny Bertone: Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar

Davide Borra: Accordion, Synth, Effects

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