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Tribute to Astor Piazzolla [Tango Nuevo]

Astor P. Piazzolla is considered among
the most influential musicians of the 20th
century. He was able to mix jazz, classic
and contemporary sounds to the rhythm of
tango. There is a strong link between Italy
and Argentina, many of the greatest
composers and tango musicians are from
Puglia: Troilo, De Angelis, Di Sarli,
Pugliese, De Caro, Piazzolla in fact. Italian
passion and blood flow in the veins of the
Argentines. Italian immigration has created
an entire country.
Five musicians will have the honor of
interpreting this evocative portrait, fusing
tango and milonga with an intelligent use
of electronics. All without losing the charm
of an ensemble that includes traditional
instruments such as the guitar, the
bandoneon and the violin.
The artistic direction and arrangements,
including rock and world music quotes, are
entrusted to Magasin du Café, in their
original and evocative style that has made
them popular in theaters all over Europe.
In this special edition they will be the ones
to play Astor's immense passion for his
land and a tradition that is now a world
heritage site.


Astor Piazzolla
is courage
and passion.


It is the courage to follow the
brilliant intuition that tango was
to be listened to and not just to
dance, that it could be elevated
to an academic repertoire.
This tribute-concert brings to the
stage the most intimate and at
the same time most energetic
soul of the Argentine composer.

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